<aside> ▶️ What is “IVS Side Event”? “IVS2024 KYOTO / IVS Crypto 2024 KYOTO” will be held at “Kyoto Pulse Plaza” from July 4th to 6th, 2024. The events held around the same time and area are called "Side Events”!

There will be many kinds of events, small dinners, networking events, hackathon, parties at night clubs, etc. Let’s make IVS and Side Events a synergistic success!!


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Let's plan and host an IVS Side Event!

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➡️ **Examples of events held in 2023 ・Nijo Castle in private. Oasys special event where you can enjoy MIYAVI's live performance ・Kyoto's largest club. Club night featuring Kyoto's traditional performing arts maiko ・Let's play mahjong with CyberAgent President Fujita! mahjong night ・From IVS2023 onwards, everyone will be able to participate! "Kyo Sauna Dosue" ・Students who want to change the world gather! Student Web3 & Metaverse Super Conference in Kyoto

The last IVS KYOTO 2023 had about 150 Side Events, which were well received! There are MEET-UPs, drinking parties, sports such as running, study sessions, club events, etc. You can freely set the settings such as invitation-only, paid system, or anyone can participate for free. Organizers are diverse, including individuals, companies, and organizations.

During the three days of IVS KYOTO, a wide range of domestic and international attendees such as executives, investors, startup professionals, engineers, representatives from business companies, students interested in entrepreneurship, and government officials are expected to gather.

To make your IVS experience the most meaningful, it's important to be an organizer. By becoming an organizer rather than a participant, you can build a deeper network and meet new opportunities. Why not take this opportunity to consider hosting a Side Event?



↓↓↓Click here for the application form for hosting an IVS official Side Event↓↓↓